Starting at the Kentucky Falls Trailhead, we will head out on a 10 mile hike through the Siuslaw National Forest, a lush old growth forest, toward 3,100 ft waterfalls. With packs weighing 55 pounds or less (optional), this hike will have a peaceful feel to it as we wind across the trail next to the Smith River, but right around the bend are a few of the most beautiful waterfalls that Oregon has for you to see!

Kentucky Falls Adventure


Starting at the Eagle Creek Trailhead, we will head out on a 15 mile (round trip) hike down Eagle Creek toward Tunnel Falls at an elevation gain of 1640 ft and packs that weigh 55 pounds or less (optional). This hike will feature a number of the amazing views and waterfalls that Oregon has to offer!

Eagle Creek Adventure


This wonderful wilderness is one of our favorites!  Diamond peak is an ancient volcano carved by glaciers, this shield volcano is different from the stratovolcanoes like Mt. Hood. At 8,744 ft it is the tallest in the Cascade Mountain region. Summiting the non-technical peak itself can be a part of the adventure!


A section of the PCT runs 14 miles through and near the mountain. Another 38 miles of well groomed trails offer various routes to plan our trip to multiple lakes and views of majestic mountains. The hemlock, pine, and fir trees around the many high altitude lakes make the scenery a huge part of why we love this hike so much. Remember that the mosquito lives here from July to August and snow patches can be found year round. Hiking in the Diamond peak wilderness is a perfect way to see the beauty of Central Oregon and get a sense of the high country.

Diamond Peak Adventure


Beginning at Foley Ridge Trailhead, We will head out on a 20+ mile hike through the Sisters wilderness with packs weighing 55 pounds or less (optional), this is a peaceful  walk through a dense conifer woods, and right around the bend are a few of the most beautiful views of the Sisters Range and a splendid open meadow complete with a freshwater spring. A short hike from the meadow to Lake Eileen and up to Obsidian Falls are a few features to fill your adventure.

Linton Meadow Adventure


Tanner Butte is an old lookout site that offers one of the best 360° views in the Gorge. On clear days, you can see, Mt. Rainier, and Mt. Adams to the north, and Mt. Hood and Mt. Jefferson to the south.


The first 4.5 miles of this trip switchback up the mountain, gaining 2,600 ft of elevation. The route passes enormous transmission towers (which connect to Bonneville Dam) before turning onto the Tanner Butte Trail with its towering fir trees, a cascading waterfall, and trickling streams on either side. This strenuous hike will test you but will reward hikers accordingly.


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Tanner Butte Adventure


The hike to Yoran Lake from the trailhead, near Odell Lake, leads 4 miles, slightly uphill, through the Diamond Peak Wilderness. For its entirety, the well-marked trail goes through moss-covered lodgepole pine and Douglas fir. Occasional wildflowers, clumps of beargrass and the sound of birds accompanies the hike in what is otherwise an uncrowded and quiet forest on the northeast side of Diamond Peak.


The trail passes by two lakes; Bonnie Lake and Karen Lake, before ending along the shore of Yoran Lake. From the lake's shore hikers get an incredible view of Diamond Peak less than a mile to the southwest and Mount Yoran even closer to the west of the lake. Well marked campsites with fire rings are spread out around Yoran Lake, and make a great option for people who just want to enjoy a short backpacking trip in the Southern Oregon Cascades.

Karren And Yoran Lake Adventure


The Hoh River Trail is nestled in the Pacific Northwest's Olympic National Park and leads to the Mount Olympus Blue Glacier. This trail is in one of the wettest regions in the lower 48 states and is known for its spectacular temperate rainforest, subalpine meadows and montane forest.


The trail is well-maintained and flat for a good portion of the hike but climbs quickly from the Hoh River up to Glacier Meadow. There is one river crossing and a few small stream crossings along the way. For those interested in camping there are numerous spots along the route but keep an eye out for elk beds.

Hoh River Trail Adventure


A favored cascade lake, Cultus is a good example of the high country environment. The loop is a gentle excursion with views of Cultus, Little Cultus and Deer Lake. Lots of deadfall in the pines gives it a spice of difficulty, however this is a level and fun trail. Mountain bikers and horses also love this trail. Misguided likes to hit this loop in the colder off season for a  private more introspective experience. These lakes and hills look incredible shrouded in layers of fog and mist. The whole loop is under 13 miles and can be done in one day for the highly motivated or split up into a leisure cruise.

Cultus Lake Adventure


This great trail descends to five or six beautiful dispersed campsites. The down hill is constant on the way in and the way out is a pretty good push. A short trip to the creek, this route is good for beginners. The woods here are plush with sword ferns and old growth cedars. Go to the creek to see lots of crayfish (crawdads) showing off their orange-red shells in the water carved bedrock. The wilderness has a coastal climate that makes it wet and green most of the year. The moss is a favorite feature for hikers and the wildlife is abundant.


There are other connecting trails including Horse Creek, with options to climb through the rainforest of the Siuslaw National Forest.

Drift Creek Wilderness Adventure


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